A well-attended calligraphy class taught by Mistress Matilda.

A well-attended calligraphy class taught by Mistress Matilda.

Greetings unto the most talented and erudite Kingdom of Æthelmearc from Mistress Alicia Langland, Chancellor of Æthelmearc Æcademy!

Good Gentles,

While most of us are just beginning to leave for Pennsic, I am already thinking ahead to next spring’s Æthelmearc Æcademy, which is scheduled to be held in Region 1.

This includes the following groups:  Ballachlagan, Blackstone Mountain, Misty Highlands, Port Oasis, and Sylvan Glen.

The preferred date for Spring AEcademy is June 18, 2016. Please send bids to this address.

Bids are due September 1, 2015, although I encourage groups to submit them earlier, if possible. (NOTE:  This bid deadline reflects a recent change to Kingdom Law, as reported in the May 2015 Æstel.  Some online resources have not yet been updated to reflect the changes.)

The September 1 deadline gives the deciding Kingdom officers about a month to look over the bids and request changes (if needed) before the bids are presented to Their Highnesses. By providing Their Highnesses with bids that have already been polished, we are hoping this will make Their job of selecting the host group a little easier.

When contacting sites, please inform them that you will probably not know until mid-October, at the earliest, whether or not your bid has been selected.

If your site requires a deposit to hold the date, be sure to mention this in your bid, especially if there is a need-to-know-by date that might impact your getting your deposit back.

While the bid deadline might seem very far away, I know that locating a suitable site and preparing a Kingdom bid takes time. By the time we all return home from Pennsic, the deadline will only be a few short weeks away.

If you reside in Region 1, I hope your group will consider submitting a bid.  If you have questions or need help with putting together a bid, please let me know;  I will be delighted to assist!

Having attended all of the Æcademy sessions hosted by Region 1 groups — Misty Highlands, Sylvan Glen, Port Oasis — and enjoyed their hospitality, I can truly say that I look forward to returning!

Yours, in Service, Alicia

P.S. — If your group is considering submitting a bid, I would appreciate a quick note to that effect.