Esa Baird

Photo Credit: Her Ladyship, Esa Baird

Early reports from Pennsic are coming in! We all thought the weather would be the biggest obstacle for set-up weekend, but it seems that pesky Troll had other thoughts. Many people spent anywhere from one to four hours in line for Troll this year. Those that showed up for Zero-night and those that chose to wait until late Saturday morning or early Saturday afternoon were hit with quite a wait. Though the lines were moving, there were just so many people anxious to get in to greet old friends, set up their homes for the next two weeks and enjoy that first post-set-up cold drink. It seems that early Saturday morning, prior to about 8:30am was the best time to Troll in, with few reporting zero wait times.

Reports from troll say that 2,777 attendees were trolled in within the first twenty-four hours of being open. That’s almost two people each minute, non-stop for a whole day!

If you are already on site and have any time to spare, Troll is urgently seeking volunteers. No experience is necessary and on-the-job training will be provided. To volunteer for a shift at Troll just present yourself to the Troll Staff Entrance located on Brewers Lane. Troll will be thankful, everyone in line will be thankful and you’ll get to be the awesome person who gets to tell so many, “Welcome Home!” as they start their vacations.