From the Shire of Riversedge, in the stix of Western Pennsylvania, once again comes a most fabulous Norse Event…Vikings on the River Six: in the Stix. Come one and all to this educational endeavor, learn and teach of the culture and life-ways of those who would be called Norse during the Viking Age. Participate in Viking style hiking, primitive fire skills, Norse culture, wild edibles, fireside or hearthside cooking, and more! Please contact the autocrats if you wish to share your knowledge and skills.

All are welcome.
We are looking for those will teach from the smallest Norse skill to the largest.  Those gentles who will volunteer to teach classes on any aspect of Norse culture will be admitted for half price. There are no unimportant classes. If you plan to teach, please email or write to the autocrats detailing your class title, description and needs.  Classes already in the works include fire cooked flat bread, clay pot cooking, Vikings 101 (taught by a youth), pre-Christian Norse Religion, and Viking Hiking.
Doors will open at 7pm on October 2nd for those who wish to rent bunk space. You may stay with us until 11am on Sunday, October 4th.
This event will take place in the Nujelo Cabin area of  Boy Scout of America’s Camp Bucoco, Located at 150 Bucoco Lane, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. Your autocrats for this event will be Mistress Marsi of Hadley and Syr Stefan Ulfkelsson. MKA Marci and Stefan Waleff, 417 Milledgeville Road, Hadley, PA 16130. Either may be reached at swally@windstream.net.
The cost of this event is $10 for those who are over 12 years of age.  All young people ages 12 and under will be free admission. This admission will include a breakfast of simple porridge and a rustic midday meal.  Those gentles who will volunteer to teach classes on any aspect of Norse culture will be admitted for half price.
For those who would like to stay the night Friday and/or Saturday the cost will be $5 per bunk per night regardless of age. Amenities include bunkhouses with wood fired furnace, nearby latrines, and outdoor running water.
When reserving your spot, please specify your intentions for the weekend.
# of people over 12 years old X $10 (teachers get in for $5)
# of Friday bunks X $5
# of Saturday bunks X $5
# of NMS X $5
Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc. Shire of Riversedge and if you are not a paid member of the SCA, please remember to add a $5 Non Member Service Charge (NMS).