From the Kingdom Chronicler.

An Æstel cover from the past.

An Æstel cover from the past.

The September Æstel came very close to having a blank front cover with
a call for cover art submissions in bold text.

This should not happen in a kingdom as artistic as Æthelmearc.

How can you prevent this from happening you ask? Simple.

Send me a good quality photograph or scan of your artwork or project
that will look good in black and white (I know the Middle Ages and
Renaissance were very colorful periods, but the printed copies are done
in black and white 11 months of the year to save money, so the Æstel is
in Black and White)

What is good quality? Clear scans and sharply focused photographs with
enough contrast that you can see what is going on from a couple of feet
away, and not so much contrast that the details are blown away or lost
in shadow, with an image size of at least 1600 pixels wide by 2000 pixels
high (8×10 at 200 pixels per inch) at the highest quality JPEG, TIFF, or

Please include the appropriate usage releases, and if people are
included and recognizable, modeling releases. Captions are nice too 🙂

Also if you have an A&S project that you have written up, and
photographed, I would love to have enough material to put together an
A&S Æstel Æxtra

In service,
Master John Michael Thorpe
Æthelmearc Chronicler