Come and let the dead hear our battle cries! Come and celebrate the Celtic Day of the Dead in the Shire of Hartstone! The theme will be Celtic Britain, which will be reflected in the activities during the day.

HartstoneÆthelmearc throwers! A challenge is issued! Take up your axes, spears, and knives, as the KINGDOM THROWN WEAPONS CHAMPIONSHIP will be held here on this day at 12pm! Test yourself on the range and see if you have what it takes to be a champion!

Rattan combatants! Fencers all! Take up your weapons and, starting at 12pm, take part in our matched forms best of three counted blows bouts in a pas d’arms at the barricade! There will also be heavy weapons and fencing tournaments and melees throughout the day to keep the fighters on their toes! The tournaments for the heavy lists include a bear pit round robin, a Celtic/Dark Ages weapons only tourney (6 foot spear, round shield, single handed sword, great axe, single handed ax, mace, etc.), a single elimination long sword tournament, and a “Day of the Dead” themed tourney. Melees include a tavern battle, a woods battle, and a limited front battle.

If you don’t fence, throw, or fight, there will be plenty to do! There will be a full dayboard, period games, archery contests, good company, music, a glorious period feast, A&S competitions, a variety of classes, dancing, and much more!

The celebration of the Hunter’s Moon will begin with the opening of troll at 8am on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 at the Andover Rod and Gun Club at 597 Kilbane Road, Andover New York, 14806. The event will conclude at 10pm. Camping will NOT be available for the night before or after the event. Site is discreetly damp.

The heavy list and fencing fields will open for authorizations, pick ups, and inspections at 10am. Thrown weapons and archery ranges will open at 10am for practice and authorizations.

For more information, please contact the autocrat THL Beatrix Krieger (MKA Andrea Glass at 30 Park Drive Hornell New York 14843) at alglass21@gmail.com or by phone at (516) 395-6047. No calls before 9am or after 9pm, please.

For reservations for feast, dietary concerns or questions, please contact our feastocrat Lady Abagail (MKA Gail Kellogg Hope) at auroraasleep100@yahoo.com.

Entry will be $10 for adults, $5 per child aged 3-17 years. Feast will be an additional $5. There will also be a $5 non-membership surcharge. $30 family cap. Babes in arms get in free. Please make all checks for per-registration or feast reservation to PO Box 45, Kanona, NY 14856. All checks are to be made payable to SCA NY, Inc. – Shire of Hartstone.