Lady Rowan LCrotha. Photo courtesy of THLord Brada Æthelward.

THLady Rowan L’Crotha. Photo courtesy of THLord Brada Æthelward.

This announcement was provided by THLord Brada Æthelward, THLady Rowan’s lord.

It is with deep sorrow and grief that I must report to this Kingdom the passing of The Honorable Lady Rowan L’Crotha (Michele George) at 2:30 Sunday morning. She was Teacher, Mentor, Illuminator, and Chatelaine to several hundred of our members and the pain of her loss is terrible in its depth and breadth. This Kingdom is bereft of a stellar member with her going on to her next adventure….

Rowan will be cremated and the services will be held at McCarty-Thomas Funeral Home, 557 East Water Street, Hughesville PA, 17737 on this Saturday (August 29th, 2015) from 3-4 pm with visitation from 2-3 pm prior to the service.

Brada Æthelward…