The Æthelmearc Gazette welcomes two new editors – Lady Miriel du Lac and Lord Christian Goldenlok! We asked them both for a few words:

Lady Miriel du Lac

mirielHow long have you been in the SCA, and what got you interested?
My first SCA event was Hallowtide in 2010. But I feel like the first event I really participated in and helped with was the investiture of Carolus and Isolda in the Rhydderich Hael in 2011.

My friend Magnus de Lyons was the one who got me interested; he suggested that we check some events out as he had participated in the SCA years ago and was interested in getting back into it. I had already been participating in LARPs and related activities so the SCA seemed right up my alley. So I went to my first event with Magnus and never looked back.

What are your SCAdian interests?
Truthfully service was my first big one, I wanted to be involved in anything I could and help in anyway needed. Over time I found other interests. Court heraldry, thrown weapons, archery, and fencing are a few of the things I’ve dabbled with.

What interests you about the Gazette/what purpose do you think it serves for the Kingdom?
What interests me most about the Gazette is the variety of articles it has, how one day there is an article about an event, the next its sewing period garb, cooking, fighting, and its all up to date and could be happening that day.

The fact that it is so up to date is how it serves the Kingdom the best. It ensures people can be informed right away about what is happening within the Society and Kingdom, even if they are not in a social media group.

What kinds of articles would you like to see people submitting?
Their experiences at an event. We’ve seen event write-ups where it details what happened at the event in a general manner. I’d love to see a person’s actual experience at the event, what they did, what made them happy, what inspired them, what surprised them. I feel like that would be a nice way to highlight the little things at events people don’t always hear about.

Anything else we should know about you?
I get so excited about the activities I participate in; its not often that I just dip my toes in, most of the time I dive right in. People say that my excitement about things is contagious and can encourage others. I hope that’s true because when I enjoy something I want as many people as possible to enjoy it to, it makes me exceedingly happy!

(Editor’s note: Lady Miriel has indeed dived right in as she will step up to be Baroness of the Hael, along with Magnus as Baron, in December.)

Lord Christian Goldenlok

christianI’m from Æthelmearc, and was born and raised in the southern part of the Kingdom in the Shire of Misty Highlands.

How long have you been in the SCA, and what got you interested?
I’ve been in the SCA for a little over three years (wow, time flies when you’re having fun.)
Like most of us, I bathed my brain in military history, and the application of heavy combat, the act of participating in medieval combat, hooked me.

What are your SCAdian interests?
My SCAdian interests span as far as the east is from the west. I love eating and drinking boozeahol. I love fighting and being social. I love flirting and seeing the pageantry and honor that is prevalent in our game. I love dancing, singing, and telling and hearing a good story, and most of all, I love being around people that make me a better version of myself. So far I’ve been extremely successful.

What interests you about the Gazette/what purpose do you think it serves for the Kingdom?
I started traveling to regional practices and that traveling took me to places hours and hours away from my hometown. When I would get back home I was so pumped up I would talk about it for days afterward. When I would explain some of my adventures to people, a knight approached me and thanked me for telling my stories because they were from the perspective of someone new to the SCA. He challenged me to start writing about things from a newcomers perspective. Suddenly my posts on facespace began to be liked and shared among friends I’d never met before. The more I wrote, the more people would request me. I became incredibly encouraged to write, and so this led me to the Gazette!

I started meeting some out-of-kingdom friends who would get these foreign awards and would want to know about them. And it was there that I saw the Known World as being more than just Æthelmearc. We have an ability, as a Kingdom, to inspire the world. I want to be a part of a team of people that encourages and inspires others.

What kinds of articles would you like to see people submitting?
I love to read about people who embrace all that the SCA has to offer. I notice that we are somewhat isolated by our interests. I don’t see that as a problem, but I think we need to encourage and inspire others to step out of their ponds into the ocean that is the SCA. Fencers can be heavy fighters and vice versa. Calligraphers can be Brewers. We all can be multitalented and networked, we all can be better ambassadors of inspiration.

Anything else we should know about you?
I love the SCA. I feel I owe a large part of who I am to the men and women of the shire of Misty Highlands. Because of their warm greeting, I always strive to present myself as an honest, kind, and caring person. I give more grace to SCAdians than I have in any other facet of my life.

I want to say in closing, that a great honor of my life was to serve in the armed forces, and if any SCAdian veteran needs help, a shoulder, or someone to talk to or someone to make fun of and pal around with, I am your guy.