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A missive from Fridrikr and Orianna, Kingdom Ministers of Arts and Sciences. [More information about the Kingdom A&S Championship, to be held Oct 31st in the Shire of Angel’s Keep, can be found at aeans.aethelmearc.org. Pre-registration is encouraged.]

After some discussion about documentation & its purpose, we have decided that:

In the upcoming Æthelmearc A&S Championship, documentation will NOT be scored as a separate item.

Documentation will be taken into consideration as part of your entry since your documentation will inform the judges in looking at your work. The extent of your documentation is up to you; however, be aware that the judges will look to your documentation when they consider your work.

If you have any questions concerning this decision, please contact us at ae.ans@aethelmearc.org.

In service,
Fridrikr & Orianna