AEthelmearcGreetings People of Æthelmearc!

I have been asked by our Chronicler to send out a reminder regarding event announcements.

**If you wish to put an event announcement on the Aethelmearc calendar, or have questions about the calendar or your event, please DO NOT send the information to the Chronicler.  He cannot help you.**

Instead,  please send it to the Event Coordinator at the following address:


Unfortunately, the initial web form is currently broken and cannot be used.  Instead, once your bid has been formally accepted by your group,  send the following information to the Event Coordinator:

(1) Name of event
(2) Date of event
(3) Group hosting the event

An event announcement will be started for you and the information to log in and complete the announcement will be emailed in return.  You will then be required to complete the announcement information.

THL Beatrice de Winter
AE Event Coordinator