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Don Lodovick

Master Lodovick of Gray’s Inn, Queen’s Rapier Champion. Photo by Master Will Parris.

Rapier fighters of Æthelmearc, pay heed and make ready. Herein are the details of the Queen’s Rapier Championship of Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Etain ingen Dalaig II, to be hosted by the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands on December 5, 2015.

For those wishing to pursue the mantle of the Queen’s Rapier Champion, it behooves me to inform all of the responsibility this position demands. The Queen’s Rapier Champion is not a title or a mark of the greatness of the one carrying the blade and wearing the cape of office; rather, the Champion is the emissary of the Queen to Her people and of Her people to the Queen. The Champion becomes the representative of the best aspects of the Arte of Defense in Æthelmearc and of the Queen we hold so dear. In simpler terms, being Champion is not about you but instead about everyone else. The Champion must be ready to fight when needed and always be near the Queen as armed escort in Royal Court and amongst the masses.

The questions of why and how we fight are of equal importance. Above all, we fight this day to honor and celebrate our Queen, she who gives of herself for her people, always seeking to enrich our experiences and grant us hope and inspiration. Personal glory is a passing light, but fighting for someone who believes in us, who shares with us her passion for giving to others, who is our model of graciousness – this is a cause that lifts the heart, emboldens the sinew of aspiration, and lives on as a moment of inspiration to sustain your efforts in years to come.

As you fight in this tournament, fight with all of your skill, passion, love of friendship, and honor, and with your ego left safely outside the list. A true champion is gracious in combat, blow calling, and conduct. We are our greatest if we are all champions regardless of who represents us to the Queen at the end of the day, for she may need to call on all of us at some moment.

The tournament itself will be conducted as a ROUND ROBIN to ensure the highest saturation of competition and testing of endurance. All bouts will be fought DEAD IS DEAD. Weapons forms will be per the choice of the combatants; however, should the Queen wish to see a particular form, all combatants will yield to Her wishes. At the conclusion of the round robin, a select number of combatants will be skimmed from the pools to compete in a second ROUND ROBIN with the ruling of DEAD IS DEAD still in effect. Finals will be determined as needed upon consultation with Her Imperial Majesty.

The list will open at 9, and the tournament will start after court which is at 10. Be advised, there will be no authorizations being conducted before the tournament. If you wish to fight for the Queen, come prepared with your authorizations completed.

I look forward to seeing you on the field and take great pride in your skill and efforts.

Master Lodovick of Gray’s Inn, OWS