This month’s edition of On Target from THLord Deryk Archer is about shooting at an archer’s cross. This is a very period shoot.

First, color in a cross on a piece of foamboard. I prefer to make the arms of the cross approximately 4 inches wide. Attach the target to your usual straw or foam target butt.

Deryk Nov 1

After you get some experience shooting at the target as it looks above, cut the cross out, reinforce the foamboard with several layers of cardboard to prevent blow throughs, and nail a stake to each side of the target. Hammer the stakes into the ground and place another target behind the cross target, approximately 3 feet beyond the open cross. I used a target from the Highlander shoot. You can draw bricks on the foamboard around the cut out cross to better simulate a castle wall.

Deryk Nov 2

Scoring is 1 point per hit. Again, this simulates attacking a castle with arrow slits.

This month safety tip: during the Christmas season, drive as safely as you would shooting on the range.

THLord Deryk