Welcome to our interview with the Kingdom Chatelaine, THL Desiderata Drake. This is the fifth in our series of interviews with Kingdom officers, to learn what they do.

desi1What are your job responsibilities?
As Kingdom Chatelaine, I am responsible for promoting the growth of the Kingdom by providing Regional and Local Chatelaines with training and support for newcomer recruitment activities and member retention strategies.

What do you enjoy most about the office?
I love seeing the excitement and wonder in newcomers as they discover the SCA. I also really enjoy encouraging and supporting the local chatelaines. They are all really passionate about the position, and have wonderful ideas on how to keep The Dream alive for newcomers and current members as well. 

Where can people find information about the office?
People can find information about the Chatelaine’s office on the website here.

What are your goals for the office?
My number one goal is positive communication, both within the Chatelaine’s office, and between the Chatelaines and the membership. Communication between Chatelaines often leads to additional ideas and resources – especially for planning demos, and connecting newcomers with people who may be more familiar with a specific area of interest.

What was your first event in the SCA?
desi2My first event in the SCA was helping with a demo. I had been to a few meetings and fencing practices, then helped Angel’s Keep with an Earth Day Demo at Cayuga Community College in 2006 (see photo at right). I was in borrowed garb (which I later bought because I loved it so much), the belt was from Walmart, and the purse I made myself (it fell apart the next day). My first real event was the following weekend at Axes & Ales in Sterlynge Vayle.

What made you stay?
At first, I stayed because of the guys with long hair, the parties, and the ability to wear dresses that I could spin around and around in. Now, I stay because of the friendships which are more like family, the opportunity for hands-on learning of so many different A&S things, and helping people find their passion in the SCA. And spinning in dresses.

Are you looking for deputies?
All of the Kingdom and regional deputy positions are currently filled, but I’m always looking to train additional people.  If interested, please send me an email at ae.chatelaine@aethelmearc.org