All Hail the Populace of Æthelmerciae-

saturnaliaThe Roman celebration of Saturnalia was a joyous time for those of all social classes. The feast day, which later on turned into several days, honored the God of Saturn with food, feasting, gift giving and role reversal; the Lord and Lady of Misrule made the day even more enjoyable.

To add to the festivities, we will be hosting four contests during Kingdom 12th Night (in addition to the Kingdom Bardic Championship)!

1.) A Colorful Roman Costume showcase featuring your finest Roman wear. Glorious and colorful splendor is the hallmark of the day so don’t stint on the dye-pots for this fashionable festival!

2.) A Pileus Hat competition (These hats were close fitting, brimless hats, much like a skull cap. Many were pointed or conical. These hats symbolized liberty, and were typically worn by commoners and freed slaves.  A pattern for the Pileus hat can be found here or see illustration at the end of this blog post.

Their Royal Majesties as well as our Lord and Lady of Misrule will choose Their favorite garb and hat of the day from the sartorial splendor presented by Their populace throughout the day’s festivities.

3.) In addition, a quest will be held! Somewhere on the premises an earthenware Etruscan container filled with is hidden. Check with troll to see a photograph of this great archeological artifact. The gentle who locates the Etruscan archeological artifact between noon and hour before when court begins, will take home the treasure!

4.) Finally, at the hallway entrance point to court, a “Dirty Dozen” Largesse competition will be open for all to join. If you cannot be present, please send your Largesse with a representative who is willing to fulfill all duties. For this competition, please bring 12 identical (sic) items to be donated to the Largess of the Augustus and Augusta. No documentation is required for this competition unless desired. Their Royal Majesties as well as our Lord and Lady of Misrule will choose their favorite item of the “Dirty Dozen” before court begins. Our populace too will be asked for their opinion in a polling at the display area. The winners will receive three items of this largesse to do with as they please. The remainder of the “Dirty Dozen Largesse” will become part of the Largesse for Augustus and Augusta and doled out at their discretion and grace.

Please sign up by noon 1/9/16 and join us for these amusing and joyful fetes in honor of Kingdom 12th Night.

Sign-up for the Costume, Hat and Largesse competitions will be at the Largesse Display area. Children’s Costumes and Hats and Largesse if entered will be judged as well. Youth 12 years and under will be judged in the youth division.

No sign-up is required for The Etruscan Treasure Quest.  Simply find Lady Mairghread (or one of the autocrats, Mistress Cori or Lady Antoinette) if you believe you have found The Etruscan Treasure!!!!

For questions, please contact Lady Máirghréad Stíobhard inghean uí Choinne, Arts and Science co-ordinator for Kingdom 12th Night A.S. 50 at wilcox.margaret@gmail.com.

Click on the pics below for a larger version.