We asked the hard-working staff of the Gazette to offer a few of their SCA-related 2016 resolutions. Happy New Year to all!

Mistress Ysabeau Tiercelin’s 2016 SCA Resolution:


There are so many activities I love in the SCA (probably too many!), but one of the things dearest to me is our Equestrian Program. I may be one of the few people who bought a horse specifically to ride in SCA events (most of our riders already own horses or are very active in riding in the modern world). However, it’s been a few years of ups and downs with time, horse health issues, and overcoming a lack of confidence on my part. My resolution and goal for this year is to really up my riding game, and be able to canter in at least one activity in this year’s Kingdom Equestrian Championships. And I would like for all of you in Æthelmearc to come out and support the program by being there to cheer all of us on!


THL Ursula of Rouen has this to say about 2016:

Danielle (2)

I’m pretty big on goals and while my SCA goals usually get revisited at War Practice for the year I took some time to stop and think about what I wanted to achieve in 2016. I came up with one resolution and one goal. My resolution is to support the scribal community as much as possible. I plan to do this by encouraging others to jump into the wonderful world of scribal (seriously, if I can do it, anyone can!), attending local scribal nights, learning at least one new technique and teaching it to others, and helping no less than three people complete a start-to-finish scroll blank for the first time. My goal is to branch out and attend events in at least four kingdoms this year. My mundane job, and new geographic location don’t allow me to travel as much as I once did, and I plan to take advantage of my new location by attending events in bordering groups and kingdoms. I encourage you all to attend a new event you haven’t been to before in a new group or kingdom you don’t get to as often as you like, oh and seek out or start your own local scribal night! Happy 2016!


Baroness Miriel Du Lac’s 2016 Resolution:


My Resolution this year is to advance myself in fencing. A goal that I started last year and wish to continue. Not only to continue to practice and fight as much as I can, but to seek out other fighters that I’d normally be afraid to take on, fight them, and get feedback on how I can improve as a fighter. As the Baroness of The Rhydderich Hael I hope to use my new position to support and encourage the fencers and fencing community in my Barony, to stand with the fighters in battle, and know by example that I will back them in anyway I can.


The fine words of Lord Christian Goldenlok:

What I find very interesting about the SCA is how dichotomous the inclusion is. There are thousands of SCAdians with their activity eggs all in one basket. (fencing or heavy fighting or the fiber arts.).

There are others who dabble in every single thing out there. I wish to look for opportunities to use my extroversion to help nurture a greater sense of unity among different SCAdian niches. Yes, in fact you can fence and heavy fight. Yes, you can sew and shoot archery in the same day. If those people who fight well also desire to sew I want to help point those people in the right direction and encourage them to be as well rounded as possible.

My second goal is to continue to strive to attend every event I can get to. I want to get faster and stronger and change my armor around a bit. I had a really successful summer season and we put about five thousand miles on the car and when I couldn’t drive, I tried to network a ride.

Christian (2)

When I traveled, I found that there were literally strangers waiting to embrace me. I solidified friendships with those from Yankee AEThelmearc. Generally, I feel that the typical SCAdian gets out of it what they put into it. I’ve always come away with very positive feelings, especially in the heavy fighting community.

Lastly, I want to be the fighter people send new fighters to. I want to be the one to fight the person three days into wearing armor. I want to give minimal instruction and a feeling of maximum inclusiveness to those people who are new to the fight. I have been sought out for new fighters’ authorization before and I love the feeling that I helped introduce them to the sport that I love so deeply.

I could keep going and going and going and going……


Baron Magnus de Lyons’s 2016 resolutions: 

944852_10201075031379523_1284941810_n (2)

First off I want to finally get a gym membership (yeah…just kidding). 2015 was a busy year for me and I don’t expect 2016 to slow down any time soon. On the martial front I would like to continue to advance my skill as a fencer by obtaining at least one additional authorization (I am thinking dagger). My goal for heavy fighting is simple…do more of it. I also promised a few friends that I would fight in the combat of the 30 at Pennsic. Getting the kit in order is still a long road but one that I am willing to walk (but might have to run at this point). My leather working and crafting was sorely neglected last year. My goal this year is to finally  clear my very long to-do list (I think I have about 20 items on it) and that will include at least one or two items for my own use. My goal as Baron of the Rhydderich Hael is to continue to push the idea of “fun first”. This means looking at our events and practices from the stand point of people enjoying their activities first and balancing this enjoyment with the traditions and more formal aspects of the SCA. My goal for the Gazette this year is to publish more articles. I only had one good one last year and I really want to correct that this year (assuming I can settle on a topic).