14th century scholars, image from Grandes Chronique de France. Don’t worry, Schola students will NOT be required to wear robes and tonsures, unless they really want to do so. There will also be no need to sit on the floor, unless the spirit moves you.

Let the word go forth that the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle will be hosting The Sterlynge Schola on January 16, 2016 At the Trinity Memorial Church at 44 Main St., Binghamton NY 13904.

The newly minted Baroness Nest ferch Rhys, Dean of Classes, has announced the following interesting line up, from sausages to skewering enemies. Read on to find something you’d love to learn:

Baroness Nest wrote:  “At long last – the class schedule!”

-The Roma in the SCA Time Period
-Just a Simple Sling (Donations for materials accepted, limit 15)
-I’m allergic to x, can you accommodate me?

11:00 AM
-The Pavee or Irish Travelers
-So you want to Throw WHAT??!!
-Advanced Retaining for Everyone
-Of Charcoal and Lye

12:00 – LUNCH


Baroness Nest, photo courtesy of The Lady Jinx



-Early Byzantium
-SCA Sign Language
-Samurai Chef
-Don Po’s Guide to Fencing

2:00 PM
-Byzantium in its Heyday
-Reinventing Events: A Round Table Discussion
-Beginning Embroidery
-The Wurst Workshop ($5 fee, limit 12)

3:00 PM
-Seeds in the Heart: Writing Japanese Poetry ($1 for handout)
-SCA Photography
-Care and Feeding of Edged Weapons
-Here’s a Sword, now Kill!

4:00 PM
-Schtick 101
-But that’s not Period!



Image courtesy of the Medieval and Renaissance Graduate Student Association of Ohio State University. See how happy you’ll be, just like these students, learning about historical topics at Sterlynge Schola?

Bardic insanity will happen as well. – time(s) and place(s) to be determined!”

The event listing can be found here. The forecast for the day is looking clear.  Shake off that temporary winter blahs, because Sterlynge Schola promises to be an event to rival those fabulous old-time SCA celebrations. We look forward to seeing you there!