threeClericsSinging-300x295From Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, greetings unto the singers of Æthelmearc!

The Coronation of Their Highnesses, Byron and Ariella, may seem far distant, but it less than three months away. Their Highnesses are planning an authentic late-14th century English coronation ceremony, which requires a good deal of choral music. I have been asked to coordinate the choir for this exciting event.

If you attended the Coronation of Duke Maynard and Duchess Liadain three years ago in Heronter, you may recall the choir’s participation in that ceremony. This one will be similar, but English instead of German, and the music will be from about 175 years earlier. Like that coronation, this ceremony is being designed by ceremonial scholar Master Steffan ap Cenydd of the East Kingdom in collaboration with Their Highnesses and other gentles.

The choir will be singing several fairly straight-forward monophonic chant pieces in Latin, but the ceremony’s recessional will be more complex: an excerpt from the Gloria of Guillaume de Machaut’s Messe de Notre Dame. This piece will be challenging but lots of fun! You can listen to it here. We will be singing just the first 2 minutes of the piece.

The performance will be anchored by the Debatable Choir, but we invite singers from throughout the Kingdom to join us! I will provide not only sheet music but also electronic audio files you can use to learn your part. I also hope to have some rehearsals at events around the Kingdom prior to Coronation, including Ice Dragon.

If you are interested in singing with us at Coronation on April 9 in the Shire of Gryffyn’s Keep, please contact me at ariannawyn@gmail.com.