heirsgifGreetings unto the Good gentles of Æthelmearc from your Prince and Princess, Byron and Ariella.

We write to you today with glorious news. Once we have ascended the Sylvan thrones, our kingdom will be travelling in force to the Lands of the Midrealm to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Society. This celebration will be a time for displaying all the chivalry, prowess, art, and service that our Sylvan lands have to offer. We shall be present throughout the week-long celebration (June 18-26), and we hope to spend time with all of you there.

The 50th-year celebration will have many opportunities for martial activities, arts and science displays, and fond remembrances of the past 50 years. Although our Kingdom is nigh on 20 years old, we have established a rich history of traditions and customs. We will have the opportunity to put our history on display on the event, and we are actively seeking display items that can showcase the uniqueness of the Sylvan Kingdom. Please let us know if you have any ideas for this display!

If you would like us to sponsor an activity at this event, please let us know. This will help to highlight the service that our Kingdom gives to the Known World.

Registration for the 50th-year celebration is now open. If you wish to camp with Æthelmearc, choose “Aethelmearc’s Land” as your camping group. Remember, there will only be one 50th-Year Celebration in the entire history of the Society!

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