medieval-bedroomThose of us who have been in the SCA for a number of years remember the days of sleeping bags spread across living room floors before an event, and cars jam-packed with SCAdians and armor driving hours to get there. Now there is a Facebook group for those seeking and offering crash space for Æthelmearc events!

Started just today by Lady Cairdha Ellis O’Coileain, the page is quickly gaining members. You can find it here.

She will be updating the events so that people know what is upcoming and can post if they need or can offer crash space.

She says:
” It is my hope to facilitate our populace, and any others visiting who need space, so that we can better attend events without the burden of paying hotel costs. This also gives us all an opportunity to make new friends in our kingdom so that we may better know the Society as a whole.

“As for being the perfect host/guest…it is kind of like what we all feel in the SCA…leave things better than when you left it.  I feel like this means, make a good impression; be clean, neat, and understanding; be hospitable as both a guest or host.

“A good listing of space would absolutely include the limits of space, e.g. ‘we have space for 2 guests, must be ok with cats’.  A good request would be something like ‘three people looking for a place to crash, no smoking please’.”

Join the group today and join in an old tradition!