SpoonofAE3Greetings unto the populace of sylvan Æthelmearc from Dame Hrefna Ulfvarinnsdottir, the Kingdom Historian.

As you may know, the SCA has turned 50, and there is a large event, the 50 Year Celebration, coming up in June 17-27, 2016 in the Kingdom of the Middle to celebrate this milestone. A big part of this celebration includes a History Hall. The event organizers have asked each Kingdom to create a display to be featured in this hall so we can come together and learn about the Kingdoms that make up our great Society.

Their Highnesses Byron and Ariella have charged me with putting together this display, and I am asking the populace to help with this project. I’m looking for the following:

  • Suggestions on what this display should include.
  • Volunteers to help design the display.
  • People to transport display items to and from the event.
  • Individuals who can help set up and tear down the display.
  • Possibly volunteers to man the display to answer questions about our kingdom.
  • Setting up drop off points for items people wish to loan to the display.

I would also like to get an idea of who is planning to attend 50 Year. To help out with this, please join us on Facebook in the group, Æthelmearc Goes to 50 Year Celebration!, which can be found here. This group will allow us to organize our presence through the sharing of information and the making of travel plans. Invite your friends to join today.

The event staff is planning to have volunteers on hand for loading/unloading as well and they will staff the History Hall with docents to help keep an eye on the displays. We are still waiting on some final details from the organizers such as the number and size of tables we will have but we do know that we will have a 20’x10’ space. I have included a FAQ sheet with the information that has been provided so far. It is divided into three sections: What the event organizers are asking for, what they recommend, and what they are providing.

FAQ Sheet (this will also be posted as a document and updated as more info is validated):

Each Kingdom will be allotted a 20 (length) x 10’ (Depth) space located in the Hendricks Power Exposition Hall.

We are asking that all displays include the following:
o A banner or sign displaying the name of the Kingdom
o A large Kingdom device displaying the arms of the Kingdom
o King and Queen Lineage on a large easily readable display
o Pictures or items that are a part of the Kingdom’s history (example: coronets, gowns, casting molds from important items, mantles, old armor, new armor etc.)
o A 10 minute video on the history and traditions of the Kingdom (Please keep videos positive and uplifting, use proper SCA photo release forms and send digital copies of forms to Kelly Magill at questrix@gmail.com)

Recommended but not required:
o Any written Kingdom histories
o Peerage Lineage
o Displays of Kingdom traditions
o Kingdom songs recorded or written for viewing and listening
o Lists and depictions of Kingdom level awards
o Maps of territories, baronies, shires etc.
o All the things that make your Kingdom unique!!

What will be provided by the event staff:
-Half of a jewelry case: 18″ width x 26″ long and 13″ high
-1 or 2 sides of a large poster holder that fits 18 poster board (22×24 in) up to 2 inch depth frames, posters or other items. Because of the placement of kingdoms around the building your kingdom may have 1 or 2 sides available. When our floor diagram is done we will let each kingdom know.
-1 roll of duct tape
-3 ladders will be on site, we will have to share as these are personal ladders.
-2-4 electrical outlets depending on location.

You can reach me at ae.historian@aethelmearc.org or call me at 304-886-1234. I look forward to hearing your suggestions for this project. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

In Service,
Dame Hrefna Ulfvarinnsdottir
Æthelmearc Kingdom Historian