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Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Magnus Tindal and Etain II, basileos kai basilissa Æthelmearc: the Business of Their Court at Baronial Investiture, 13 February Anno Societatis L, in the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, accompanied by Their Highnesses Byron and Ariella, Prince and Princess of Æthelmearc. As recorded by Their Silver Buccle Herald, Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai, with the assistance of THL Sophie Davenport.

In the morning, accompanied by Their Excellencies Uilliam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands:

Baroness Rhiannon of Ravenglas was inducted into the Order of the Millrind for her service to the Pennsic Wars, serving on the Watch, as Land Agent, and as Pennsic Staff. Scroll by Vivienne of Yardley.

The Imperatori presented gifts to Their Excellencies, then granted them leave to conduct their final business.

Their Excellencies were called before the Imperatori, for They had heard tell that Their Excellencies wished to retire to their country estates. Sadly agreeing that it was so, Their Excellencies asked to be relieved of their post to return to their estates and affairs. The
Imperatori granted this request and divested the Baron and Baroness of their coronets.

L and C decrowned

Baron Liam and Baroness Constance are relieved of the Debatable Lands Baronial Coronets. Photo by Master Fridrikr Tomasson.

Maistir Uilliam mac an tSaoir and THL Constance Glyn Dŵr were created Baron and Baroness of the Court for their service as the Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands. Scrolls by Master Alaric MacConnal.

The Comet Thrones being empty, the Imperatori sought words from the Seneschal of the Debatable Lands, Master Alaric MacConnal. Master Alaric confirmed that the people of the Debatable Lands had conducted an election in keeping with Society, Kingdom and Baronial Law and Policy, and presented a petition from the people asking the Imperatori to install Maistir Brandubh O’Donnghile and Mistress Hilderun Hugelman as the 8th Baron and Baroness of  the Debatable Lands. The Imperatori then called for Maistir Brandubh and Mistress Hilderun, invested them with the Baronial Coronets of the Debatable Lands and named them Baron and Baroness.

B and H crowned photo by Silence

Brandubh O Donghaile and Hilderun Hugelmann are invested as Baron and Baroness. Photo by Lady Silence de Cherbourg.

In the evening, accompanied by Their Excellencies Brandubh and Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands:

The children of the kingdom were invited to entertain themselves with activities and toys under the supervision of Don Clewin Kupferhelbelinc the adults conducted the business of the Court.

The Imperatori gave Their Excellencies leave to conduct the business of their Baronial Court and presented them with gifts of welcome and well-wishing for their time upon the Baronial thrones.

THL Kieran MacRae and Lord Markus Skalpr Grimsson were presented with Sigils of Æthelmearc for their service as Imperial Guards.

Kieran and Markus Sigils

THLord Kieran MacRae and Lord Markus Skalpr Grimsson receive Sigils. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

The Imperatori then received Duke Adhemar and convened the Imperial Council of Chivalry. His Grace, having previously surrendered his belt and title of Knight, now felt himself worthy and ready to rejoin his brothers and sisters of the Council, but under other circumstances from previous. He was presented with a white baldric, which he donned, and Duke Master Adhemar was welcomed back into the Council by the Imperator and the Companions of the Council there present.

Adhemar MSCA

Duke Adhemar is made a Master at Arms. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

Kattera Doperlerin was Awarded Arms for her enthusiasm and devotion to the areas of fencing and sewing, as well as serving the Kingdom through work such as in the kitchens. Scroll by THL Sophie Davenport.

Kattera AoA

Kattera Dopplerin receives an Award of Arms. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

Sanada Masamoto Kenshin O’no Kuma was Awarded Arms for his service to the Kingdom, as well as his skill as a fighter, archer and thrower, and as a thrown weapons marshal. Scroll by THL Isabel Fleuretan upon wording by Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai.

Lord Magnus Bastiano de Vigo was inducted to the Order of the Golden Alce for his prowess on the fencing field, his study of the ancient fencing masters, and his teaching of such skills and knowledge to others. Scroll forthcoming.

Magnus Golden Alce

Lord Magnus Bastiano di Vigo is admitted to the Golden Alce. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

Wulfgar Ronaldson was Awarded Arms and elevated to the Order of the Golden Alce in absentia for his quiet and courteous service and prowess on both the heavy weapons and fencing lists. Scroll by THL Ælric Ravenshaw.

Lord Stefan Einarson was created a Companion of the Golden Alce in absentia for his long tenure and skill upon the heavy weapons field. Scroll by THL Ælric Ravenshaw.

Mistress Irene von Schmetterling was named to the Order of the Golden Stirrup for her meticulous attention to the creation of period fencing attire, most especially her skill as a haberdasher. Scroll by Meisterin Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen.

Lord Alrekr Bergsson was inducted into the Order of the Keystone for running archery ranges, making archery targets, working in the kitchens, and generally being among the first to arrive at events and the last to leave. Scroll by Mistress Una de Saint Luc, medallion from the hand of THL Juan Miguel Cezar.

Lady Alethea Cowle was granted admission to the Order of the Keystone for her cheerful and exuberant service to the Kingdom, mainly in the distribution of scroll cases during Court. Scroll illuminated by THL Fiora d’Artusio and calligraphed by Kameshima-kyō.

Alethea Keystone

Lady Alethea Cowle is inducted into the Order of the Keystone. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

Anora was Awarded Arms and welcomed into the Order of the Keystone for her service on the archery range, as well as work in the kitchens and at the tollner’s gate, mainly at Æthelmearc War Practice. Scroll by Lady Vivienne of Yardley.

Anora Keystone

Lady Anora receives a Keystone. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

Lord Ffynthcor o Fyndham and Rowan ni Naradhaigh were elevated to the Order of the Keystone, with Rowan also being Awarded Arms, for their service as gatekeepers of the day’s site through this and many other events, helping not only to coordinate the events occurring but also helping set up and tear down the events. Scrolls by Master Caleb Reynolds.

Ffynthcor and Rowan Keystones

Lord Ffynthcor o Fyndham and Rowan ni Naradhaigh receive Keystones. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

Baroness Katerina Macgilledoroughe was named to the Order of the Keystone for her service at Pennsic, mostly among the Watch. Scroll illuminated by Viscountess Lucilla Theresa de Courtenay and calligraphed by THL Madoc Arundel.

Rhio Keystone

Baroness Katerina receives a Keystone. Photo by Master Fridrikr Tomasson.

THL Anlaith ingen Trena was elevated to the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc for her incredible skill at both weaving and scribal arts. Scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Lord Madison Morai was Granted Arms and created a Companion of the Gage for his skill in heavy combat melees and his service as unit commander. Scroll by Helena Mitzhasenin.

Madison Gage

Lord Madison Morai is inducted into the Gage. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

Lord Eoin mac Padraig was Granted Arms and inducted into the Order of the Gage for his long-standing skill at heavy weapons. Scroll by Lady Edana the Red.

Ian Gage

Lord Eoin MacPadraig is inducted into the Gage. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

THL Darri inn Valski was presented with the scroll honoring his elevation to the Order of the Gage upon the field of Pennsic 43. Scroll by Master Caleb Reynolds.


THLord Darri in Valski receives his Gage scroll. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

The Imperata presented Countess Alexandra of Clan Donald with her token of inspiration for Her Excellency’s graciousness and service as Royalty Liaison of the day.


Countess Alexandra of Clan Donald. Photo by Master Fridrikr.

The Imperatori thanked all scribes and medallion wrights who had contributed their talents and largesse to enhance the Court’s proceedings.

There being no further business, the Imperial Court was closed.

In Honor and Service,

Kameshima Zentarō Umakai
Silver Buccle Principal Herald, Kingdom of Æthelmearc