photo by Tiercelin

The Barony of Thescorre’s 38th College of Three Ravens opened on February 20th, with a well-attended series of classes on everything from underwear to death.

Though snow covered the ground a few inches deep, the sun was out and the day was warm. The site opened at 9am, and classes began at 10am, and ended at 4pm. About 150 attended the event, run by Lady Elen Woderose.

A delicious sideboard was cooked by Lady Marguerite de Neufschasteau and the Thescorre Cooks’ Guild, and included stuffed breads, vegetable soup, fruit, eggs and fresh farm cheeses. At the end of the day, many of the attendees sat down to a wonderful dinner planned by Lord Padraig na Féasóige Ua Céileachair, based on period Spanish cuisine.

Mistress Antoinette and a classroom of happy gilders.

Mistress Antoinette and a classroom of happy gilders.

For those interested in scribal activities, classes on quill making, gilding, vellum, and several on manuscripts were not to miss.

Clothing enthusiasts could learn about something regardless of their level, from T-tunics to the Greenland Gown, hats to Elizabethan undergarments.

Classes on death, both during and after, filled the schedule with The Honorable Lady Beatrice de Winter’s Bling Out Your Dead class and another on the multiple interments of Richard III, as well as Baron Master Fridrikr’s Draugar class about Norse zombies.

Brewing and Period Foods, Asian Medicine and Samurai Cooking, Cheese and Irish Food kept people’s appetites up, and Fencing, Belly Dance, Equestrian, and European Dance kept people moving.


Elska and Mistress Matilda measure ingredients

There were several classes to engage children in the afternoon, including a roundtable on Service in the SCA for Kids, hosted by Lady Elisabetta de Venetia who grew up doing service, Tudor Soap Balls with Elska and Simon Fjarfell, and Sweet Scents Perfume, also taught by Lady Elisabetta, joined by Mistress Francesca della Rovere. The kids got very messy (and yet also clean) kneading soap and herbs, learned how to make themselves smell nice, and enjoyed every moment.


photo by Tiercelin

photo by Tiercelin

One of the highlights of the event was a presentation on Falconry by Lady Marguerite de Neufschasteau, whose teacher brought two beautiful birds to show off: a Falcon and a Cooper’s Hawk.


Falcon and falconer

Her Majesty Etain began the court by inviting the children attending the event to take bags of activities to the back of the hall.

12733524_1069563636398208_3965392197995974259_nShe then invited Baroness Sadira to open her court.

Baroness Sadira asked all those for whom it was their first event to come up and be seen.

She then inducted Lady Elisabetta de Venetia into the Order of the Broche for her art and teaching, and gave her a scroll from a past event.

Her Excellency gave Raven’s Eggs to her “brute squad” for always being dependable and helpful to her.

She then gifted Mistress Alison of the Many Isles with a travel-sized camel, for her willingness to help tote things hither and yon.

10380313_1069564429731462_1202575316064738797_nThe Kingdom Court Report can be found below, but certainly a highlight was the induction of Lady Elisabetta de Venetia, who taught two classes during the day and helped out wherever she could, into the Order of the Keystone. She was brought to tears when her Pelican, Mistress Ekaterina Volkova, gifted her with the keystone of her Pelican, Duke Morguhn Sheridan.

Of the event, Lady Elen said: “We had a good time this year. We had plenty of teachers and plenty of students, and for a schola, that’s what counts, isn’t it? The pleasant weather was a bonus.”

Official Court Report

Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Magnus Tindal and Etain II, basileos kai basilissa Æthelmearc: the Business of The Empress’s Court at The College of 3 Ravens, 20 February Anno Societatis L, in the Barony of Thescorre, accompanied by Her Excellency Sadira, Baroness of Thescorre. As recorded by THL Sophie Davenport, Seedling Pursuivant, with the assistance of Baroness Helena al-Zar’qa, Fleur d’Æthelmearc Herald.

224816_1069563596398212_7763086620323941461_nThe Empress called forth Cecelia Vogelsankino and presented a Sigil to her for all of her help in caring for the Royal children during Their reign. She then called forth the children present and sent them with Cecelia and bags of goodies to keep them occupied during the proceedings.

The Empress then gave Her Excellency leave to conduct her business.

The Empress called for Perote Campbell and presented him with a Sigil. She then recognized Baroness Marianna Pietro Santi in absentia with a Sigil.

The Empress called for Lord Howard Bowman and presented him with a Cornelian for his courtesy and helpfulness with the MoL at recent events. Scroll is a work in progress by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova .

The Empress called for Raibert Wright and presented him with a Cornelian for his courtesy and any years of cheerful training of new fighters. Scroll by Lady Mairghread Stiobhard inghean ui Choinne.

The Empress called for Gabriel the Cheater and Awarded him Arms for being a valuable fighting asset and his willingness to help where needed. Scroll is a work in progress by Lady Arselan Egesig.

The Empress next called for Guillermo de la Cruz and Awarded him Arms for his very helpful nature and conducting himself in a most noble manner. Scroll by Lady Genevote Nau d’Anjou .

The Empress then called for Simon Peregrine. His lovely daughter came forth and explained he was not present. It was then explained that while he has been with us only a short time, he has made quite an impression in Thescorre by becoming the Baronial Archery Champion and is a Marshall in training and thus was inducted into the Order of the Golden Alce. The scrolls are by Lady Vivienne of Yardley and Baroness Juliana Rosalia Dolce di Siena and Tiarna Ard Padraig O Branduibh.

Jared of Thescorre

Jared of Thescorre

The Empress next called for Lord Jared of Thescorre and told him how impressed she is with his thrown weapons training and winning the Thescorre Thrown Weapons championship. She then inducted him into the order of the Golden Alce. The scroll is a work in progress by Juliana Rosalia Dolce di Siena and Tiarna Ard Padraig O Branduibh.

The Empress then called forth Lady Elisabetta de Venetia and spoke to her about her unending service, from retaining to serving feast, set up and tear down of events. She was reminded to pay heed to her Pelican and take time to enjoy events once in a while. The Empress then inducted Elisabetta into the Order of the Keystone and her Pelican, Baroness Ekaterina Volkova bestowed her with the ancestral medallion of the household belonging to His Grace Morghunn. The scroll is by Duchess Branwyn ferch Gwythyr.

12728920_1069564539731451_2834785403332031512_nThe Empress announced that Nicholas the Bastard was Granted Arms and inducted into the Order of the Gage at the Valentine’s Day Muster, on February 14, in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands. Words by THL Sophie Davenport.

The Empress next wished to see Lady Mairghread Stiobhard inghean ui Choinne and spoke of the beautiful artwork she produces and gives away in the form of award scrolls. She was so impressed that she Granted Mairghread Arms and inducted her in the Order of the Fleur d’AEthelmearc. Mistress Gillian Llewylen of Ravenspur presented her with a medallion and the scroll is a work in progress by Master Jon Blaecstan.

12729263_1069564563064782_6943672618327756985_nLady Marguerite de Neufschasteau, who created the dayboard, was gifted with Her Majesty’s token of Inspiration.

That being all of Her business, the court of the Empress was closed.

(all photos not otherwise credited are from Master Fridrikr)

~ Reported by Duchess Branwen ferch Gwythyr