seneschal_badgeNoble Æthelmearc,

The following was just passed along to me by the Seneschal of Meridies. If you are driving to Gulf Wars you should pay attention to this as this
closure does effect one of the major routes south from some parts of Æthelmearc. The report notes that the road could be closed for up to three weeks.

In Service,
Duke Christopher

I wanted to inform the populace of your Great and Fair Kingdom about the
Road Closure of I75 South in Tennessee. As you may already know this, I
just wanted to touch base with you so that those headed south for Gulf Wars
can choose another route to war besides I75.

Here is the report.

Please post this information in those places you deem appropriate to
relieve your citizens from being stuck for hours in slow and standing
traffic on the way to Gulf Wars using I75.

Master Aylwin Watkyns
Kingdom Seneschal, Meridies