talhoffer1Hello, all!
Because Cal U’s Women’s basketball team did super well (yay) and is hosting the playoffs, we got moved.
We will now be at the Performance Center on Sunday, March 6th, from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. 

There will be a class or two, a White Scarf meet and beat, and melee. Lots of Melee in preparation for the coming War Season. There will be a Academy Tournament is there is interest and time. There’s a lot of things to be done, so I am keeping things slightly loose. 

Aemilia Soteria (Erin Wunderlin) will be running an MOL class or two — so non fencers who are interested (and fencers, and marshals, and MIT’s) can learn more about what they need to know to run tournaments more smoothly. (Even if you are not an MOL yourself, there are things you can learn for when you marshal your own tournament.)

Food: Bring your own, travel to town, or take part in our Tavern Bake sale!  (The Union food options will be closed.)

Parking: If you buy a pass off of us, it’s 5.00/day.  If you park in town and walk, it is free, if you do nor buy a pass they will give you a ticket for $25.00 — since stuff is going on this Sunday, they will be patrolling. There is also a metered lot if you only want to come for an hour or two. (It’s roughly a dollar an hour until you get past three hours, then it is cheaper to buy our pass.)

But Parking is RIGHT next to the Union.  Here is a map.
The map may confuse you — Lot 17 is not listed, but there is a red and black area that is marked for construction. I am using this map because while the construction is all done, it’s really easy to see where you need to go. Lot 17 is the red and black striped area. The Union is encircled in red. 

Use this handy dandy page to get to campus: 

Now, when you get to campus, drive down the main road…you will pass between the two towers. You will eventually have no choice by to turn right, going up a hill.

Lot 17 is on your left. The Union is next to the parking lot, a green roofed, red brick building. Entrance is on the side. Go left. Go past the food court  Do not go down the stairs. The Performance Center is towards the right. 

I hope to see you all there!