Duke-de-Berry-Feast-MainBy Lady Cairdha Eilis O’Coileian.

You walk into the hall…tables filled with every kind of thing ever envisioned by man…you are struck by colors, sounds, scents, textures…gold, silver, leather, and more…beauty as you have never seen…it can be overwhelming.

Whether an Art/Sci display or competition, people can be unsure how to understand the situation before them. In general, we all tend to gravitate toward what we know.  No one has a desire to ignore the work others have done, but we are all drawn to the things most familiar to us and to what we know and understand.  The question is…is that good enough? The beauty of the SCA is it gives us an opportunity to see things beyond what we know…to see beyond our modern experience. It is important for everyone to explore those thing they are NOT familiar with…the new…the unexplored.

scene-of-a-medieval-banquetFar too often people get drawn into the beauty of wonderfully crafted items of clothing, exquisite and ornate scrolls filled with detailed illumination and precise calligraphy, skillfully and painstakingly crafted pieces of armor, hand-spun and woven creations, and delicate sewing crafts…and yet, there sitting on a table just a few feet away is a humble meat pie or mysterious, bottled liquids. Perhaps you say to yourself, “well, I’m not hungry” or “I don’t want to drink alcohol this early” or even “I’m not sure I want to try this.  Did you close your eyes as you passed the scroll?  Did you not desire to touch and feel the craftsmanship of the garb or armor?  Why then would you pass up the opportunity to experience the skills and hard work put forth by the cook or brewer? One bite will not make you full. One sip will not make you drunk.

I challenge you. Take the time and experience the consumable side of the Arts and Sciences. Do not be afraid to open up your mouth and mind to the world of food and drink. If the artisan is present, engage them. Learn about their craft, its history, its technology. Hear the joy and excitement they have, the very same shared by all of us who play in the realm of Art/Sci. I challenge you to SAVOR the Arts and Sciences!