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piesIf you are a baker, join us!
If you are a baker, a butcher, a saucier,
A fry-er, A boil-er, a sugar paste sculptor…
If you love to cook, come add fuel to our fire,
For your passion and skills we want you to show us.
Join us!
Join us!
Join us!

Introducing The Scarlet Apron – a new cooking competition to be held at
Æthelmearc War Practice (May 19-22, 2016)!

This competition is open to any and all comers who have a penchant for the
medieval culinary arts. No matter if you are new to period cooking, or if
it is old hat to you, you are welcome at our table!

The theme for our inaugural year is sure to be a feast for the eyes as well
as the belly – Illusion Food! Anyone wishing to participate must create an
example of such a food from anywhere in SCA-period. This could be an
interpretation of a subtlety that has been described in a cooking text, or
an original creation that can be considered “period-plausible” based on its
design, construction and the materials used to create it.

All contestants should follow these guidelines:

1. The entry should be made and assembled prior to judging – this is not a
competition at which contestants must cook their final product on site.

2. The finished product should be constructed from at least 50% edible

3. The use of period construction techniques, including internal shaping
structures and edible ingredients is preferred and encouraged.

4. The final product should be registered, signed in, and ready for judging
by 11:00 AM on Saturday, May 21. The judging will take place in the Great
Hall alongside the A&S competition. Registration/sign-in will open Saturday
at 10:00 AM. The final judging will  occur between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM,
with the winner announced during court that evening.

5. Contestants should provide a brief written overview (one page, maximum)
of their entry, including their inspiration (if it was based on a specific
subtlety, the original text of its description; if it was based on
something else, then those details), a complete list of the materials used,
and a description of how they created the structure.

6. Contestants can choose to sit with their entry during the judging period
in order to answer questions from the judges and the populace, however it
is not required.

7. Plating and presentation are integral to this competition. Each
contestant will get no less than half of a six- or eight-foot table, which
should be adorned as befits the entry.

Entries have three potential categories to win: Youth (for contestants age
5-12), Populace Choice, and Overall Winner. Cooks of all skill levels are
encouraged to enter!

Any questions should be directed to the competition coordinator, Edelvrouw
Lijsbet de Keukere (lijsbet.vandelfthout@gmail.com, Keirin Lazauskas-Ralff
on Facebook). We are  so excited about this competition, and are looking
forward to seeing the beautiful and delicious pieces of art you create!

Yours In Service,
Edelvrouw Lijsbet de Keukere