scribeWould you like to teach at the Scribal College at Pennsic? Just want to know more about this track of classes, hosted by Æthelmearc? Mistress Liadhain ni Chleirigh na Coillte, Dean of the Scribal College at Pennsic, answers your questions!

What exactly is the Scribal College?
Scribal College is a class track that exists under the umbrella of Pennsic University. We have two classroom tents set up in the populace area of Æthelmearc Royal encampment, and we offer classes on all aspects of the scribal arts.

Does Æthelmearc have a tradition of hosting this?
Æthelmearc has run the Scribal College for many years. As of last Pennsic, every scribal class registered with Pennsic University is handed over to the Scribal College and is held in Æ Royal. Pennsic University recognized that our classroom space and accommodations are much better than what they can offer for the kinds of classes we’re hosting, and that most of the scribal classes were taking place at the Scribal College anyway.

How does registration work?
Anyone who wants to teach a class needs to register it through the Pennsic University website. Registration is now open, and classes registered by May 1 will appear in the site book. Classes registered after that date will appear in the on-line schedule, in the Pennsic Independent and will be posted at University (formerly A&S) Point.

Either go to the Pennsic Website and click on the Pennsic University link, or go directly to Pennsic class registration. Anyone who wants to take a class should check out the Pennsic book for schedules, or stop by the Æthelmearc hospitality tent for more information. We post a daily schedule of classes outside the hospitality tent. Some classes have size limits for active participants, so it’s a good idea to double check and make sure there’s still space available.

Are you looking for anything special this year?
I’ve been reaching out to other kingdoms to encourage teachers from all over the Known World to come and share their knowledge. I’d love to see classes for all levels of scribes, and I’m hoping to offer a series of classes in different calligraphic hands. Mostly I want the College to provide interesting learning opportunities for anyone who wants to see what being a scribe is all about or is looking to expand their skills and knowledge.  I’ve also gotten requests that we provide more time for scribes who want a clean, quiet place to work on scrolls or just practice some skills that they’ve learned. It would be great if scribes who want to be involved but don’t yet feel comfortable teaching a class could sign up to host some open scribal time or “Scribal Play Time.”

Do I need to have an arts award to teach?
No, anyone with a desire to teach and something to share is welcome to come and teach a class. It’s a great opportunity for both experienced and novice teachers to meet and interact with scribes from all over the Known World.

Can I charge for class materials?
Teachers may charge for materials that are provided for students. Most classes don’t have a fee attached. See the F.A.Q. section for Pennsic teachers for more detailed information.

Anything else you can think of?
I think a lot of people are intimidated by the fact that classes take place within the boundaries of a royal encampment. I know I was at first! But Æthelmearc provides such a welcoming atmosphere that no one should be concerned. Also, the accommodations we can provide for teachers and students are better than they can find anywhere else at Pennsic. We have a clean, well-lit space that is exclusively for the use of the Scribal College. You don’t have to be an experienced scribe, or even have ever done a scroll, in order to enjoy all that the Scribal College has to offer.

You can find contacts for our Æthelmearc Signet office staff on the Æthelmearc College of Scribes and Illuminators website.