Unto the Good Gentles of Sylvan Æthelmearc do Byron, Prince, and Ariella, Princess, send Warm Greetings!

ArtsAndSciencesApril is A&S month in Æthelmearc!  In addition to all of the other wonderful ways to support the Kingdom, every April weekend will have opportunities for artisans: Ice Dragon kicks off the month, including the competition for Queen’s Favors; at our Coronation on April 9, we will have an A&S display; at the Siege of Harlech on April 16, there will be a brewing-only competition (to make up for all the A&S competitions at dry sites); Her Majesty will be attending Hartstone’s A&S Faire on Saturday April 23, followed on Sunday by a scribal workshop in the Debatable Lands hosted by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix; the A&S display at Blackstone Raids rounds out a month with 5 weekends of A&S activity!  Our eyes will be on the artisans on the Kingdom, as we look for Champions to represent the Kingdom in the Pennsic A&S War Point this year.

Our first Curia will be held at War Practice on May 22 at 10AM.

Our thanks go out to our predecessors, Tindal and Etain, for Their marvelous service to the Kingdom. It will be a great honor to succeed Them, and to represent this glorious Sylvan Kingdom.

Yours In Service to Æthelmearc,

Byron and Ariella