heirsgifUnto the Good Gentles of Sylvan Æthelmearc do Byron, Prince, and Ariella, Princess, send Warm Greetings!

Please remember to send in your Letters of Intent, should you wish to become our Heirs. We must receive your letters by our Coronation on April 9. You may send them by mail, by email, or even hand the letter directly to us at our Coronation. As required by Kingdom Law, Letters of Intent must include the following for both entrants:

  • SCA names
  • Legal names
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Proofs of membership
  • Age (proof to be supplied at Crown Tournament)
  • Proof of current authorization for Combatants

Remember to also include a list of 6 events that you have attended over the past year.

To facilitate complete letters of intent, a form is available on the Kingdom website.

Yours In Service to Aethelmearc,

Byron and Ariella

Crown Tourney Tree