There are many areas of SCA 50 Year looking for volunteers and participants. Here are some of the latest postings:

monk_sneaking_a_drink_2Calling All Homebrewers Across the Known World:
SCA 50th Year Celebration is proud to be hosting a Tavern at the event serving homebrew from across the Known World. We are seeking any and all homebrewed beverages (beer, wine, meads, cordials, as well as non-alcoholic syrups) in kegs or bottles.

If you would like to donate please contact the Special Events Coordinator, THL Tualaith of Sternfeld at foxzgal@hotmail.com or the Tavern Mistress, Baroness Verena Entenwirth at verena@broomstich.com

personaPersona Competition:
Is your persona pretty well perfect in every way?
Then you’re prepared for the 50th Year Celebration’s Persona Competition! This 3-tiered competition (Youth, Novice, and Advanced) offers a venue in which participants may showcase their authentic pre-17th-century personae.
NOVICE LEVEL: for those who have just begun to apply their research to the creation of persona-appropriate items and character. Contestants will undergo five unique challenges throughout the course of the event.
ADVANCED LEVEL: open to those who have made a significant investment in the research & development of an historically accurate personae. Competitors at this level will face eight unique challenges.
YOUTH LEVEL: is designed to encourage our society’s youth to begin persona research at an early age. They will take part in two challenges and complete an activity book before the end of the celebration.
Pre-registration deadline with artsandsciences@50year.org is May 1, 2016. Sound intriguing? We thought so. Rules, requirements and details are coming…but we thought you’d like to know what we’re planning now!

Instrumentistes-Codex-Manesse-254x300Performing Arts Teachers Wanted:
The SCA 50 Year Celebration is looking for teachers in the performing arts!
Unto the Known World does the Performing Arts Department for SCA 50 Year send warm and joyous greetings! We are actively seeking Master Classes for SCA 50 year! If you believe you have mastery of a Performing Art that you can teach to a group at SCA 50 Year, please tell us what you are willing to share! Classroom space is limited, but we will work to find space for as many classes as we can until May 1. We are actively seeking Very Experienced Performers (VEPs) to teach on these suggested topics:  Storytelling
Research for Performers
Performing Artists as Historians
Performing Arts Administration
Performing Arts as Service
Performing in Persona
Creating Better Courts
CD Production
Italian Palio Flag Throwing
Please submit an application if you have another idea for a class you can teach at an expert level. Please fill out this Google Form to submit your application. Other Performing Arts classes that may be considered other than “Master” level should also be submitted through this form, but check the box for “Non-Master Level”.  When you teach, you are the pebble that creates ripples that can last for 50 years and more. Thank you for teaching!
Sincerely Yours,  Lady Sophia the Orange

stickhorseThe SCA 50 Year Celebration is looking for gentles to teach Youth Classes.
Baroness Cerridwen verch Ioreword, head of Youth Activites, is recruiting teachers for Youth Classes at SCA 50 Year. Be the spark that lights the fire in our youth! Youth classes will be offered starting on Saturday, June 18th from 2-4, then throughout the week from 10-4, with Wednesday being a joint A&S and Youth day. On Saturday, June 25th classes will be offered from 10-2.  Teachers, please email  children@sca50year.org  or complete the form hereAdditionally, if volunteering to teach, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@sca50year.org.