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Ninja w tiki mask

This month we’re going to make a flailing witch doctor target.

Take three pieces of cardboard, sized 2.5 feet by 3 feet, and glue them together to make a single, thicker piece.

Once again lay down the stencil of the Ninja that we made last month, but this time add a paper Tiki mask. You can buy them at any Dollar store.

Trace the ninja body onto the cardboard, but glue in the Tiki mask in place of its head. This will make him look like a witch doctor.

Cut out the eyes of the Tiki mask and glue oversized googly eyes in their place.

You can add some muscles with a black Magic Marker and then add some white paint to give the illusion of a dead person – after all, he is a witch doctor.

Ninja muscles drawn tiki mask

Cut apart his neck, arm, wrist, and knees, then loosely tie the cut edges of the parts of his body together. This way, when he is hit with an arrow, he will flail away like a wild man. His weapons are a skull “ball and chain” and a bone flail. Add a grass skirt so he looks like a real witch doctor.

Complete target

This target will be at the Castle archery muster next month on the day after Coronation, so once again please come defend the castle from this fierce invader!

This month’s safety tip: at the Castle Muster, we’ll have a very complex novelty shoot so as you keep one eye on your target, keep an ear out for the Marshall in Charge. Always be ready for a call of “HOLD!”

‘Til next month, in service,

Deryk the Archer