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seneschal_badgeGreetings unto the Populace of Æthelmearc from Duke Christopher, Kingdom Seneschal.

Starting very soon, you will see new language in event announcements regarding how we refer to money paid to attend events.

This language comes to us from the Society Seneschal. It has already been passed down to the Regional and Local Seneschals, but I wanted to pass this announcement along to the entire Kingdom.

SCA Corporate has changed the terminology we must now use regarding our fee structure to reflect that we are a participant-based organization.

Going forward, please use these or similar terms in event announcements:
membership event registration” or “event registration

Do NOT use these or similar terms in event announcements: “event fees,”
“site fees,” “non-member surcharge,” or “NMS.

For example:
Adult Event Fee” will now be “Adult Event Registration.
Adult Non Member Surcharge Fee” will now be “Adult Member Discount Event Registration.

For example, here is an event announcement fee schedule using the
past terminology:

Site fees for the event are $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children ages
5-12, and children under 5 are free. Students with a valid ID are $5.00.
This includes a sideboard lunch. An additional $5.00 non-member surcharge will be collected at the door.

Here is the same fee structure using the new terminology:

Adult Event Registration is $15. Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $10. Adult students with a valid ID are $10. Adult students who are SCA members are $5. All youth registration (Ages 5-12) is $5.00, and all children under 5 are free. This includes a sideboard lunch. Please show proof of membership at the door.

Any event announcement submitted after the publication of this notification will be expected to conform to the new wording standards.

I thank all of you for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any questions, please contact your local seneschals.

If they are unable to provide an answer, please do not hesitate to contact me at ae.seneschal@aethelmearc.org.

Duke Christopher


How does this affect how we charge for youth (Child Registrations), in view of the fact we are no longer making reference to the NMS?

(From Corporate) Yes, we are now using the term “Member Discount”; however, it is not intended that the cost of Child Registrations should go up in view of the “Membership Discount.” The structure of costs for children, where we previously did not charge NMS, should be at least $5 less than the “Adult Event Registration.” We are not assessing $5 for children. If under the old fee structure the site fee was $15 for adults with $5 NMS and $5 for children under 16, then the NEW nomenclature would be as follows:

Adult Event Registration; $20, Adult Member Discount Event Registration $15, Children (specify the age range) Registration (less at least $5 or more than the member price), Youth (specify the age and under) free.

The ranges that constitute adult vs. child will vary from Kingdom and local group as well as by event.

Do I have to change existing or already published event announcements?

No, but please use the new nomenclature going forward.

How do we word it if we’re charging different fees for feast (onboard)?

For events with a feast, there are a couple ways to make this distinction.

One popular way is to add “Feast is an additional $X per person” or similar.

The new nomenclature is different from what we used to do, but it is flexible as well. Feel free to discuss with your local seneschal.

Is the Non-Member Surcharge (NMS) going away?

No, just the terminology is changing. Per event, groups are still required to submit $5 for every paid adult event registrant who doesn’t have proof of membership. As before, this must be paid by individuals to the group for the event (and the group exchequer then forwards to Kingdom); SCA/group funds can’t be used to subsidize. The term “NMS” may still be used internally, as long as it isn’t used in event announcements or at the gate.

What about family caps?  Should we base that on the adult registration, or member discount?

The new terminology is flexible, and you should use what works for your event. The most clear way may be to list two family caps, one family cap registration, and one discounted one.

For example, for an event with a $17 adult registration/$12 adult member registration, kids half price: “Family cap is $46. For families where the adults are members, Family cap is $36.” This is assuming your group normally family caps only families of two adults and minor children. A different way of wording may work better for your group, depending on how you run your family caps.

Do we have to use exactly the terms in your examples?

No, the wording is flexible.

But please refrain from using “site fee,” “NMS,” “non-member surcharge,” or “event fee.” Use instead variations on “event registration.”

Sometimes people have to pay the NMS at the door. How will that work now? Or what if they accidentally send too much money in a pre-reg?

First, to clarify some rumors, there is not a prohibition at the Kingdom or Society level, that says people can’t send the extra $5 NMS in with a pre-registration. Some groups at the local level chose to have people pay it at the gate only. It will be difficult to require that people *only* pay the adult registration at the door, while you are taking adult member discount pre-registrations by mail. We don’t recommend this course of action.

For folks that can’t produce proof of membership at the door, but have pre-registered with the discount amount, you would require them to pay $5 at the door. If someone accidentally sends you too much money (they show proof of membership at the door), you would handle the refund exactly as you would have before in this case. (*NEVER give refunds from the cash box!!*). Have them leave their name and address and send them a check.

We know this change may cause confusion for a while, as most changes do. It will take a bit of getting used to. Just be sure that your reservations clerk and gatekeeper are keeping very good records, and any problems can be worked through.

Why is the Society changing the nomenclature?

It’s changed to reflect that we are a participant-based organization, not an organization that charges an entry fee for spectators. There are different tax implications for the different types of groups.


Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact your local seneschal with questions.

If they are unable to provide an answer, you can contact our Kingdom Seneschal, Duke Christopher, at ae.seneschal@aethelmearc.org.