court jesterLooking for strange or funny information about the Middle Ages? Stumped on a topic for your next A&S competition entry? Look no further! Here are some websites with all of the “facts” you need!

Odd medieval facts. A catch-all of silly medieval trivia.

Weird medieval medical practices (not for the faint of heart, possibly NSFW). Learn about how our ancestors treated all sorts of ailments… often unsuccessfully.

Medieval nobles with ridiculous nicknames. Find out who people like Ragnar ‘Hairpants’ and Wladyslaw ‘Spindleshanks’ were.

Unusual medieval weapons. Though this list includes some things we wouldn’t consider all that strange, like trebuchets, there are also some true oddities, like a shield with a port for a pistol.

Anglo-Saxon riddles that you can use to keep your campmates amused at War Practice or Pennsic.

Medieval jokes! Take my wife, please…

“Old English” insults. We’re kind of amazed they didn’t spell it “olde” but hey, don’t be a bespawler!

Medieval torture devices. Also not for the faint of heart, and NSFW. Because, well, torture.

Medieval games – bored with Chess, Neftafl and Go? There are all sorts of interesting games from our period that you can try:

  • Stool ball, a little like cricket
  • Pall-Mall. No, not the cigarettes, this is a variant on croquet or possibly golf.
  • Cockstride, which isn’t as naughty as it sounds.
  • Dwyle Flonking. No, we’re not going to explain, just read for yourself.
  • Shove Groat, for those of you who like petty stakes gambling.

Breughel games

Thanks to Master Dagonell the Juggler for many of the articles on medieval games.

The rest is Arianna’s fault.