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Unto the people of Æthelmearc, and all those who read these words, do Byron and Ariella, King and Queen of Sylvan Æthelmearc, Send Greetings.

Words of Thanks and Praise are due to all those gentles who assisted in making Our Coronation the most glorious Day, the most Medieval Day, of our time in the Society.

First, to the Shire of Gryffyn’s Keep: You came together and created a venue that was unparalleled. I think that everyone who sat in that sanctuary will remember the spectacle for years to come. Although the weather wasn’t the most cooperative, everything else seemed perfect. The site, the staff’s courtesy, the food and table setting, the scheduling and communication: they were all we could have hoped for. It was clear that the people of the Shire had put in a wholehearted effort that made the event a success.

But particular Thanks are due to our autocrat, the good and Honorable Lord Thomas LeStrange. We called him to Us, and told him of Our need, and he responded in the most Noble of ways, creating a day that will always be a source of pride and pleasure for Us. Even as Thomas spreads his thanks to those that served, he speaks for Us, and Our thanks go with his.

Site token

The site token from the Coronation of Byron and Ariella, designed by Master Duncan Blackwater. It measures ~1.5″ in diameter.

We would note a special Thanks to Master Duncan Blackwater, who designed the site tokens. They were the most amazing, most medieval site tokens that We have ever received at an SCA event. If any gentle has the token of the Day, and has not yet compared it to the original coin of Edward III, take a moment and look at them side by side.

Our Thanks, and the Thanks of all Æthelmearc, are given to Master Steffan ap Kennydd of the East Kingdom, for his knowledge of medieval coronation ceremonies was the cornerstone of Our Coronation. We advise all gentles in Our Kingdom and abroad to receive him with honors, as he is a man of depth and learning. The details of the Coronation ceremony have been freely published online, and we hope to have video soon to match.

Also critical to Our Ceremony was the Choir, led by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope. The singing (in Latin) of the Roll of Kings and Queens was a lovely addition that brought tears to many eyes.

To all those who participated in the Ceremony, as Escorts, Heralds, Order representatives, or Pages, We thank you. Know that 600 years ago, those same words were spoken, and those same steps trod, by those we try to emulate in our Society. To Our reign staff, retainers, and guards, we know that the wonderful Service you rendered Us this Day will continue throughout Our Reign.

And to those who braved the cold and snow to witness Our ascension to the Sylvan Thrones, we thank you as well. We hope that the memory is precious to you, as it is so very much to Us.

Byron, Rex AEthelmearc

Ariella, Regina AEthelmearc

After crowning

King Byron and Queen Ariella. Photo by Duchess Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin.