Greetings unto the noble populace of Æthelmearc from Maestro Antonio de Luna.Thrown weapons

At the request of Their Sylvan Majesties, Byron and Ariella, the thrown weapons community is starting a “Get Out the Throw” campaign!

We want people of every age and skill level to flock to the ranges and start throwing! We want to expand the ranks of Æthelmearc’s throwing community and show the Known World both our superior numbers and skill. I know the subject line made mention of a contest, and here it is:

This will be a participation contest, beginning May 1st and culminating at the Pennsic War! Points will be awarded for participation, not scores or tournament wins. This allows for a more level playing field.

  • For every practice you have a Royal Round score submitted at, you get a point.
  • For every ranking level you earn through Royal Rounds, you get 5 points.
  • For every practice a marshal runs and submits RR scores, a point.
  • For every tournament a marshal runs, another point.
  • For every tournament a thrower enters, a point.

But the big points come at Pennsic!

  • Helping with setup and/or tear down on the range awards 10 points per.
  • Every day that you either practice, teach, marshal or throw in a competition at Pennsic awards 5 points. (A sign-in sheet will be kept at the range)

For any competition or practice that runs between now and Pennsic, marshals can use the email address below to send me a copy of the score sheets (or just a list of the names) and I will record them. As this is a Kingdom-based tournament, I am using the Royal Round scoring maintained on the Æthelmearc Thrown Weapons website.

The winners will be announced at an event of Their Majesties’ choosing following the War.

The prizes, you ask? Custom made thrown weapons bags containing items no thrower can do without!

Scores and any questions can be emailed to Master Antonio at britonio72@gmail.com.

Throwers to the line, Æthelmearc! Let’s Get Out the Throw!