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Their Royal Majesties have asked the Gazette to share the following with the populace:

Unto the Hospitable Barony of Blackstone Mountain and the Staff of Blackstone Raids Do Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina, send sincere thanks!

We greatly enjoyed our time at your event last weekend and observed many enjoying the same! Your preparations for Us were extensive with food, drink, and accommodations beyond anything we might expect. Thank you to those who provided such delicious food all weekend and carefully followed our Whims. Having the tent set up on the field as well as all ranges and the battlefield was wonderful. Event staff was courteous and helpful to Us and our Entourage, even while running such a large and long event. We spoke with neighbors from other Kingdoms — Atlantia, the Midrealm, and the West — who were also smiling and having a great time. Our Kingdom is proud of how you host Blackstone Raids!

Byron, Rex
Ariella, Regina