helmThe theme for the Ӕthelmearc Kingdom Party at Pennsic  VL will be “Arthurian Legends”.  Dress as your favorite hero from the time of King Arthur.  Even better, imagine how your persona would view King Arthur and how your persona would dress for Arthurian tournaments (which were surprisingly popular in medieval Europe).  We will have more details about the Party as Pennsic draws near, but the King and Queen wished to give the populace plenty of time to think about costumes. The Ӕthelmearc Kingdom Party will be held on the evening of August 8, starting at 8:30PM, in the Ӕthelmearc Royal encampment.  All members of the populace and friends of Ӕthelmearc are invited.

Our thanks go to THL Elss of Augsburg, who provided the idea for the theme.

Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina Ӕthelmearc