Unto the populace of Aethelmearc do Byron and Ariella, King and Queen, send Greetings.

We wish to extend Our most sincere thanks to the Baron, Baroness, and populace of the Barony of Rhydderich Hael for their hospitality and goods works when We traveled to their lands to choose Our equestrian champions at the Palfreys and Polearms event.

Because of the heat, the ratio of Palfreys to Polearms was quite high, but everyone seemed to be doing what they loved.  His Majesty had just noted in Curia a week earlier that smaller niche events were often the most enjoyable, and this event show
ed the truth of that remark.

We were so pleased to see 11 entrants in Our Equestrian Tournament.  This speaks to the quality of equestrian work in Our fair Kingdom, and to the maturity and growth of this discipline.  We were particularly moved by the openness and warmth shown to Our daughter, Princess Leah, as she was permitted to participate.  We also appreciated the opportunity to receive the contestants from horseback.  It made a huge difference to the medieval feel of the event.


Our congratulations go out to THL Aaliz de Gant, who emerged victorious to earn the mantle of King’s Champion, on the very day that she was inducted into the Order of the Golden Lance.  We also extend congratulations to Maeve ni Siurtain, who impressed His Majesty (well, to be honest, impressed the Princess Royale, who guided His Majesty’s hand) and became the new Queen’s Champion.

Our thanks go to Brother Bobby and his entire crew for creating a spectacular day of fun in numerous martial disciplines.  We were pleased that so many gentles came forth in the afternoon to entertain His Majesty with blades and earn 5 points in fencing’s Wild Hunt (everyone who fenced against me has earned 5 points regardless of the outcome — braving the heat for Our benefit has earned you that).  We wish to particularly thank Padraig and Juliana and Ekat and Elizabeth for providing Us with shade and food and drink and attention to make Our day go smoothly.  We also thank the cooks for the event, as the food from the kitchen was most friendly to Our palate. And We of course thank Our good friend and retainer Elss of Augsburg for staying beside Us throughout the day.

Lastly, We wish to thank Our most trustworthy advisor, Princess Leah, who kept Us from seeming… uninformed… upon the equestrian field.

In Service,

Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina AEthelmearc