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Their Majesties recently traveled to the Midrealm to celebrate the SCA’s 50 Year Anniversary celebration. They wished for us to share this missive of gratitude with the Kingdom.

Photo by Meisterin Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen

Photo by Meisterin Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen

The once-in-a-lifetime 50th anniversary of the birth of the Society is behind us.  But before We turn Our thoughts to the Pennsic War, We would take a moment to thank those gentles who supported Us in this wonderful event.

First and foremost, Our thanks go to Countess Geneveive du Vent Argent.  She was Our rock throughout this process, and helped in every stage of planning and execution.  We thank our Jewel Herald, Gwendolyn the Graceful, for traveling to far lands with tasks as massive as reminding the Founders that Aethelmearc exists.  We thank THL Rosalia for organizing the Aethelmearc camp – We were so glad that the populace and Royal camp were brought together, and we could all be a single Kingdom.  We thank Lady Arsalan for her Crown support (literally) and her support of the Crown (figuratively) and for her willingness to play medieval strategy games with His Majesty.  There were several gentles who created martial events for the glory of the Kingdom:  Master Urho (archery), Master Illadore and Mistress Fredeburg (fencing), Duke Timothy and Don Clewin (heavy), Lady Melodia (thrown weapons), and the entire equestrian community (equestrian).  And We would lastly draw the Kingdom’s attention to one who played a critical role for Us, despite not attending the event.  Mistress Hrefna Úlfvarinnsdóttir was pivotal to Our success as a Kingdom and as Royals; she is an example of service for all to aspire to.

The hard work of these individuals, and everyone from Aethelmearc who attended the event, made Us look good to everyone in the known world.  We thank you all.

In Service to the Dream,

Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina AEthelmearc