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PennsicUIn June, the proprietors of Mystic Mail announced via Facebook that they would not be operating at Pennsic this year.

Instead, the Coopers have announced that they will create the Cooper’s Lake Internet Café, or CLIC, to be located near Penn Market and ice.  The café will have WiFi and hardline internet available. You’ll also be able to charge your devices (phones, tablets, laptops) there.

The Chancellor of the Pennsic University, Captain Elias Gedney, issued the following statement:

All Pennsic University teachers and students should be advised of the following

  1. The University has never had a formal relationship with Mystic Mail regarding handout printing/distribution. Mystic Mail offered individual services on a one by one basis in relationship with teachers. Pennsic University has always been grateful, but not directly involved. We are thankful to the proprietors of Mystic Mail for all their years of work in this regard and are sorry to see them go. Thank you.
  2. Pennsic University has not received any notification or offers of any replacement services, either from Coopers or any other entity. There may be something forthcoming, but as of right now, we have not been contacted. [Editor note: this was posted before the Coopers announced the creation of their Internet Cafe; however, at this time there is no indication that the café will offer printing or data storage services.]
  3. Pennsic University does not offer any form of publication or data storage/distribution. We have considered it, but the potential for copyright fooferall and security hullaballoo continues to disincline Pennsic University from offering these services.
  4. Pennsic University strongly encourages all teachers to try to bring enough paper copies of handouts. Figure ten of each per session as a ballpark, unless you have a really popular class, in which case, “let your experience be your guide”.

There is a Staples ten minutes off site, one exit down I-79 at 2551 W State St., New Castle, PA 16101.