Favor DesignGreetings to all of the wonderful artisans who have offered to make favors for Her Majesty!

Over the course of the last three months I have handed out over 160 embroidery kits, and many more people have used the instructions that were posted on the Gazette to make favors in various media for Her Majesty to give out at Pennsic.

However, not a lot of those have been returned completed yet.

If you are planning to provide royal favors for Queen Ariella, please email me and give me your best estimate for the number you anticipate completing by Pennsic. That way we can ramp up production in other areas if it looks like we won’t have enough.

If you hadn’t thought about making favors before but would like to now, it’s not too late! Instructions are still available here. If you need fabric, let me know and I can provide some at Pax Interruptus this weekend or Bog 3-Day the following weekend.

Thank you all for your service to your Queen and Kingdom!

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope