ByronAriella-1Unto the hospitable Barony of Thescorre,
do Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina, send Warm Thanks!

We had a wonderful time at Pax Interruptus Saturday, delighting in the Thrown Weapons range and learning about the archery target mechanics in the morning, then fencing and heavy weapons for His Majesty in the afternoon. Thanks to the many marshals who gave of their time so others could practice and compete- quite a large group came up to be acknowledged in Court!

Thanks to those who provide us two nice canvas tents, especially on a day where wind threatened the nylon ones.

Thanks to the cooks and all event staff who made sure our experience was enjoyable and efficient all day. Marguerite De Neufchasteau made many good decisions as autocrat, including the one to brave out the rainy sprinkles for Court. We thank Her Excellency, Sadira Wassouf, for sharing Her Barony’s good efforts and gentles with Us and Their Royal Highnesses and for the egg favors! Vivant to Thescorre!

Yours in Service,
Byron and Ariella, Rex et Regina