This month’s edition of On Target: Why we protect our bow from the heat and why we inspect bows at events.

Two things you should never leave in a car with the windows up are a small child and your bow. When the windows are up the inside temperature of the car can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit or more. This could cause the bow to delaminate and warp. Make it the last thing you pack and the first thing you take out when you reach the event.

When you reach the event, whether you are a once-a-week shooter or once-a-year shooter, make sure the first thing you do is have the bow inspected by Marshall. Notice in the first picture, this bow looks perfectly fine.

July Archery 1

In the next picture, after the bow is strung, you can see the crack (see the note card that fit in the crack easily).

July Archery 2

Notice in the next picture, by putting a line on the note card, how deep the crack is. The bow is no longer usable.

July Archery 3Tie a fluorescent orange ribbon around the bow so you do not accidentally use it again. WARNING: do not try to fix it, dispose of it, or make it a wall hanger.

July Archery 4

This month’s safety tip:remember when you’re at the archery range at Pennsic, you’re a long way from the store. Take water, snacks and sunblock with you, especially if you have small children.

Till next time be safe and enjoy the War.

THL Deryk Archer