Fountain that will be in the Queen’s Garden.

Greetings from Filipia Capriotti, OL, Head Gardener for Her Majesty!

It is my pleasure to invite all to visit, enjoy and participate in the Queen’s Garden, featuring a  labyrinth by Master Ambros Kyriel.  It will be open to the public whenever the Royal encampment is open to the public.

We will begin assembling the Queen’s Garden and Labyrinth on Monday, August 1. Those who are bringing plants for the garden may drop them at Æthelmearc Kingdom Encampment beginning the first Sunday evening, through the middle Saturday. If you wish to retrieve your plants at the end of Pennsic, please mark them with a wooden stake, there will be some available. There will be a visitors book, with an area to communicate with other gardeners for possible swaps, and I will have a number of plants in the ‘nursery’ for sale to defray costs of the garden. I will need a small amount of muscular assistance for placing boards and fencing; if you can cut neat turf blocks there is a bonus for you!

Please contact me if you have questions or contributions.

Yours in Service – maestro Filipia


Example of a renaissance garden with a labyrinth. Image courtesy of Mistress Filipia.