Unto all those who aspire to the Order of Chivalry does Sir Timothy of Arindale send greetings,

Good gentles, noble warriors, on Thursday August 4th and Friday August 5th, I will once again be taking the field from 9am until 5pm to fight you, to train you, to spar with you until such time as I no longer have the energy to lift my sword. Æthelmearc’s Prince Marcus has vowed to be at my side on both days, and our King and Queen Sirs Thomas Byron and Ariella have graciously offered to join us on Friday.

We invite the chivalry from throughout the Known World to join us.

If you want to be a knight, with all your heart and soul, this is the place to show us you will one day belong at the side of your brothers, at the side of your King and Queen. Push yourselves. Bring your friends. Please spread word of this such that others throughout the Known World join us,

In service to the Society, I remain,

Sir Timothy of Arindale

Timothy and Guillaume

Duke Timothy vs. THLord Guillaume le Noir. Photo by Lady Mary Christina Lowe.