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This year marks the second in a row that an Arts & Sciences competition was included in the War Point count. The East and Middle were each represented by 15 Champions, including allies. While Kingdoms were allowed to include members of the Order of the Laurel among their champions this year, there was a limit to the number of Laurels per Kingdom. Points were awarded based on votes from members of the populace who held a Kingdom level or higher A&S award like the Sycamore, Fleur, or Laurel.

Since this war was East vs. Middle, only five slots were available for Æthelmearc artisans on the Eastern side, but we were mightily represented by Mistress Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen’s woodblock printing; knitting and fiber arts by Mistress Irene von Schmetterling (who received her Laurel at Kingdom court on Tuesday of War week); soaps made by Lady Elska Fjarfell, who is our current Kingdom A&S Champion; glass made by Lady Kalishka Peredslava; and ceramic tiles made by Lord Ian Campbell of Glen Mor.

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According to King Byron, “If my memory serves, the 15 Champions of the Midrealm and its allies scored 411 points, while the 15 Champions of the East and its allies scored 526. The 5 AEthelmearc Champions were responsible for 262 of those [Eastern] points. It was wonderful to stand with HRM Avelina of the East at the conclusion of the competition and congratulate all 30 of the Champions on their tremendous work.”

His Majesty further noted that the silver lining of martial activities being cancelled due to excessive heat that afternoon was that He was able to spend much of his time at the A&S competition.

Byron addresses artisans

King Byron addresses the competitors after the A&S War Point competition.

The slideshow below includes samples of the many other wonderful entries.

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All photos by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.