harvestGreetings!  Just a few reminders from the reservations clerk for Coronation/Harvest Raid:

1.  Most importantly, I take reservations in the order I receive payment for them. I do not hold spaces for anyone. You are all special and you are all my friends. Please send in the checks or drop them off to my house. If you want a notification that it was received, please provide an email.

2.  We do not rent out “a cabin” – we rent out a bed in a cabin. If you want a whole cabin for you and your friends, the best way to do that is to send me reservations for 10-12 people with a note to put them together  I go to great lengths to put compatible people together, and I will do my best for you. If you aren’t comfortable with this, tent/trailer camping is a good way to get your privacy. Some of the bunks are upper bunks. Most of the time, people work it out, but if you have 10 people who all need a lower bunk, that is a problem. Please consider having someone bring a cot.

3.  Refunds – we have had issues with our generous refund policy, as several people reserved with only a medium intention to attend, knowing they will get their money back.  This hurts others who wanted to stay and eat but were turned away, so please do not do this. However, we are not about keeping your money for an event you couldn’t attend. If you cannot attend, please email me as soon as you can to let me know. If we can resell your feast seat or your cabin spot, we will refund your money after the event, however, leaving the event early so “we have freed up a bed for Saturday night” doesn’t really help anyone. We will refund your day fee if you cannot
attend and ask. However, all refunds are done after the event, and I have to mail checks to get signatures, so it may not be lightning fast. Please be patient with me on these. I do not want your money if you were too ill to attend the event, but I hate doing refunds. I love you, hate mailing checks.

4.  Pre-seating – If you have a mobility disability and wish to have space reserved for you on the upper level of the hall, just let me know and I will pencil you into a table.  You will still need to put your sticker on that spot when you check in. If you have a large group and wish me to pre-seat them, I will do that as well, but PLEASE TELL THEM so they put their sticker on that spot and don’t fill in to another. The whole point is to prevent large groups from taking all the tables with a few spots left for that family of 6 who gets there late.

Any questions, please write me at reservations@heronter.info and I will do my best to help you!