As you may have seen, the First Curia of Marcus and Margerite will be held this Sunday, the 25th, at Their Coronation site in the main hall at 10am. Some of you may be wondering, what the heck is “Curia” anyway? As always, the Gazette is here to answer your questions!

What is Curia?
The term “Curia” is used as shorthand for the Curia Regis. Basically, it’s the Royal Council – a gathering of people, led by the King and Queen, held to conduct the Kingdom’s business. It’s a business meeting for the Kingdom, in other words. It’s held at least once per reign. Depending on the business that needs to happen, Their Majesties may choose to hold more than one during Their Reign.

Who is on this council?
The King and Queen lead it. Their Heirs have seats, of course. All of the Officers of the Kingdom have seats, as well as the landed Barons and Baronesses, the Peers of the Realm, and all the local Seneschals.

What does it mean to “have a seat” on the Curia Regis?
It means that those who are members, or have a seat, have a voice in whatever decisions are being made, or topics that come up.

So the people on the Curia Regis vote on things?
Nope. The King and Queen make all the decisions. The folks on the Curia Regis are there to advise them. Rarely, the Royalty may take a quick poll to gauge public opinion, but it’s not a vote.

What do they actually do during the meeting?
Either the sitting Royalty or the Kingdom Seneschal preside over the meeting, depending on the wishes of Their Majesties. Minutes are normally taken. When discussion happens, it’s directed by whomever the King and Queen wish to direct it, usually Themselves or the Kingdom Seneschal. They may decide to limit discussions on some topics, for time considerations.

The actual goings-on really depend on what the King and Queen want to do, but there are a few things that must be brought before the Curia Regis. The Kingdom Officers report. By Law, each Kingdom Officer must submit a written report to the Crown on the state of the Office at or just before Curia. Curia is also where law changes happen, if needed. Any changes to Law must be brought before the Curia Regis (the Kingdom Seneschal must be present), as wells as any changes to Kingdom financial policy. The approved yearly budget is submitted to the Curia Regis, as are any large budget changes that come up during the year. Finally, if the Royalty want to create any new awards or honors for the Kingdom, They must consult with the Curia Regis first.

How do I know when the Curia meets?
It will always be published in our Kingdom newsletter at least in the issue in the month it is to be held. This is usually announced by the Crown or the Kingdom Seneschal, and often both. You’ll see it via various electronic communication methods, too.

If I don’t have a seat on the Curia Regis, can I still go?
Absolutely! Curia is always open to the public. However, if you don’t have a seat, you shouldn’t expect to participate in discussion. But the Royalty may choose to permit members of the populace (that’s you) to speak, if They wish.

It’s great when people are interested in the running of things! And it’s good to know what’s going on in the Kingdom.

If you want to come to Curia this Sunday, but can’t come to the event, the Event Steward says you can come on Sunday free of charge. You’ll need to sign in, so that means show proof of membership or sign a waiver. See you there!