In order to raise funds to support the upcoming reign of TRH Marcus and Margerite, Duchess Christence, Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey, and their cohorts will offer a variety of lovely items this weekend to part you from your coins. Due to recent changes in the State of New York with regards to games of chance, the format for the fundraiser will be a silent auction. All proceeds will go to the Kingdom Travel Fund. If you’d like to donate an item, please contact either Baroness Ellesbeth or Duchess Christence via Facebook.

Baroness Ellesbeth has set up a Facebook page here where you can view some of the items that have been donated and will be in the auction. You can also use this page to contact her or Duchess Christence about donating items.

Here are just a few samples of the items that have been donated for the auction, which include jewelry, buttons, woven trim, a hood, and two whimsical knitted “helmets” among other items. Photos courtesy of Baroness Ellesbeth.

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