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Many archers carry a field box, but the marshal’s box has a few more things in it. Looking at the picture below, let’s cover its contents from left to right.


We begin with a jar full of hardware. When you’re out setting up a walk-through range, you may need screws or nails, so have some handy, as well as a drill.

Some spare targets: above the jar of hardware is a styrofoam apple from the dollar store as well as some balloons. No matter how old you get, breaking balloons is fun.

Next we see a bottle of mosquito repellent. In front of that is super glue, spare arrow points, and some spare fletching .

Center top, we see some spare rope and note cards with a pen – you may forget to bring scorecards or you may have something happen that you will need to report while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Next: sunblock. If you’re going to be in the sun all day, reapply every hour.

The last item on the top is a four pound sledge hammer. You may have to drive spikes or hammer something together. Once, I was out on a range that was so windy it blew over a target and hundreds of dollars of arrows got broken. Remember, if it’s a windy day, lock it down.

Bottom row left to right, we start with a range marker. If you’re new to a range, you don’t want anybody losing their way. Next to the field marker is a first aid kit for yourself. When you’re out in the woods, it’s easy to get a small scratch or cut, so it never hurts to have a spare Band-Aid.

Next to the first aid kit is a multi-tool. This serves two purposes: it’s great to have spare tools in the field, or you can give it away as a prize.

Speaking of prizes, next to the multi-tool is a drinking mug, another great prize. Inside the mug is a spare bow string, yet another great prize. Next to the bowstring is a tent stake – remember what I said about locking things down.

Next we see a 100-foot measuring tape. Even if it’s walk-through range, keep the targets between 20 and 100 yards distance.

Last, spare arm guards and shooting gloves, and some fluorescent orange tape. Remember, when you’re a marshal, you have to help out the beginner. It’s always wise to have spare equipment and to mark your trails.

This month’s safety tip: go back and double-check that first aid kit.

I’ll be at Archers to the Wald, and I’d be happy to field questions or take any comments.

Till next month, in service….

Deryk Archer