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Greetings fair and mighty Æthelmearc!

Questions have been coming up about Delftwood’s Peace Tourney at our Yule event on December 3, 2016. Please see this page for event information:

What is the Peace Tourney?
It’s Delftwood’s third annual Arts & Sciences competition held at Yule. Artisans, scientists, and performers of all levels are invited to participate from across the Society.

What is needed?
One to three pieces of your best work. Works in progress are allowed. You will discuss your work with the judges face to face. It is suggested that you bring notes, but written documentation is not required. Please do bring a list of your resources.

A sponsor. Anyone can enter and anyone can sponsor anyone. Your sponsor
must provide a prize of no more than $10 in materials. Prizes will be
picked in order of points received from highest to lowest.

  • A sponsor can be found for you.
  • Please offer a prize if you don’t have a person you are already sponsoring.
  • You can sponsor more than one person.
  • Please provide a prize for each person.

What else do I need to know?

  • There are no categories.
  • There are no novice or advanced divisions.
  • Scrolls will be given for the first three places.
  • You will be assigned a time to sit with your work. Sitting with your work all day is up to you.
  • All performances pieces will take place during dessert. Performance pieces are limited to five minutes.

Please contact Mistress Othindisa Bykona at aebeelady AT gmail DOT com for
more information.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

A&S Coordinator for Delftwood Yule